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Posted 3/17/2009 7:20:36 AM

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Rearrange a Change

Working with the same studio setup for what seemed like forever and a day was now becoming tedious. Months had passed and I just couldn't seem to find a comfortable groove. Recording was becoming mundane and repetitive so a change was bound to happen. Having to get up from the PC to reach the workstations and then sit back down to hit record on the console was counterproductive. That night I envisioned what I wanted the studio to look like. Next morning, I shut down all the equipment and unplugged all the cables and brushed up on the significance of ins and outs and why things go where.
It wasn't nuclear physics, after all.

After a few tweaks, the main workstation now plays its position- front and center. The other keyboards are on a stand within arms reach right along with the mixer and audio interface. Having to constantly open and close several files on a single video monitor was killing my workflow. Xodus Phoenix put me on to the two-monitor thing and now I have a whole new perspective that makes balancing applications so much easier. Now with the dual monitor setup, I can open a sequencer on one screen and read my lyrics from a Word file on the other while recording. The mic is now the centerpiece.

An environment designed for sparking ideas was the mission and so far I'm headed in the right direction. But you didn't expect a perfect happy ending, did you? The next adventure will be trying to maintain balance and harmony while making room for all the new toys arriving later this year. I might have to cop a new hard drive to accommodate the sound libraries from Big Fish Audio and Spectrasonics Trilogy 2; Trilian. I still haven't found a spot for the Prophet '08. What will I do when NI's Maschine arrives? I'll keep ya'll posted.

In this issue we illustrate, in impressively convincing fashion (Yeah, absorb yourselves in this one) the innovative tools of creative expression from this year's annual winter NAMM show. Back at it again, Producer's Edge brings you the essential gear that has the music industry buzzing.

Will Loiseau, Senior Editor Producer's Edge Magazine

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Posted 5/27/2009 5:21:32 AM

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In Memoriam...

Memorial Day is much more than a day off from work and a clear pass to have a barbeque in the backyard this weekend. It's a moment of pause to reflect on the fallen soldiers in all wars. Most US holidays have lost their meaning since we've become so focused on our own lives and forget how many others have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom. Freedom isn't ever free. The cost of freedom is paid by the men and women willing to lay down their lives to protect your right to live yours as you see fit. Let's all take a second to remember the fallen.

We're in the final stages of finishing up issue 06 which will drop in June. As always, we've got a ton of good info and this is going to be the final chapter of Drum Works and it's going to a great closer. Coincidentally, my lab has been flooded with drums as Native Instruments drops the super-hot Urban Arsenal 2, Big Fish Audio fills the floor with Rotation Hip Hop and the break choppers Electron Smasher. Hardware-wise, it's all about NI Maschine and the spankin new Microkorg XL. Griffin is going to blow that piece out so expect lots of Cornered goodness. Softs has us working Devine Machine's new Krishna synth and IK Multimedia is mastering our tracks with T-Racks 3, which has been sweetened by the individual modules being made available separately.

For XC subscribers and newsletter subscribers, we've got a nice sampler of the new Big Fish Audio XXL Hip Hop drums. It's only $19.95 and it really has some nice heavy sounds. It's a direct download from their site. For the club anthem we'll also include a sampler from their Hip Hop RnB breaks offering. Enjoy.

-Drew Spence Editor in Chief Producer's Edge Digital Magazine

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