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Posted 10/23/2006 10:51:18 AM
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The Great Producer’s Edge Magazine FAQ

 Drew Spence, Editor In Chief


The first issue, Summer 2007, shipped in July and we had full orders. Congratulations and a big thank you to the PE staff for an incredible job well done. We’re rapidly approaching the 4th quarter and we have an even more ambitious second issue on the way. I’ve held back enough issues to honor subscriptions and single issue purchases. 


As a quarterly publication, we shoot hours and hours of video each month and the best segments make it to the DVD-ROM bundled with the magazine. We’ve been uploading a ton of content to our Youtube page since it makes sense to share it now instead of waiting for the next issue. Much of the music production based material will remain exclusive to the DVD-ROM and NOT be available on the internet. You can bounce here to see what’s in the first issue. We also don’t handle tech support for any of the products featured in the Youtube videos. You should post questions on our forums or use the resources provided by the manufacturers.


We love feedback. Drop me a line, but I request you stop sending music since it rejects attachments and, as you can imagine, everyone wants feedback on their production. The PROs’ Picks feature is powered from Press releases and general heads up should still go to See you in the lab.





Issue 01 debuted with strong sales from the news stands. Even so we are working on a nearest store locator to find out where physical copies still exist.


How? To get featured or involved? If you are a talent and feel you have something to contribute to the creative community, feel free to have your agent, publicist, manager or handlers contact us at You will need a discography, press kit and/or bio. With the huge amount of overlooked talent in the music industry, we do what we can to support the artists and projects that could use that extra boost of promotions, but cannot feature every solid team we come across.


Who? This is mostly a magazine for artists by artists. No one here believes you should be taught how to rap or how to make beats. The road to your own development is paved with dedication, time and determination. In other words Don’t sit on the side of the road with your thumb out and expect a lift. On a road this poorly mapped with this much congestion and this many detours, you’ll need a better vehicle than just your dreams.


Why? As a producer myself, I used to scan the magazine rack and look for something production related to feed my interest. Most magazines were either made for dance music, glossy with zero content or their focus was too rooted in the music of yesteryear to have any relevance to my current goals. Sure I could get by with light reading, but I wanted a magazine I could breathe through. I knew I didn’t want my hand held and I also didn’t care to dream about gear [edit: well okay, sometimes] or the lives of celebrities.

So I sat down with Crystal J and Pedro and came up with a dream list of features. We summarize our efforts.




Don’t just read about music production.

Live it in the pages of Producer’s Edge Magazine.

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