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Posted 12/5/2007 9:24:31 AM

Editor In Chief

Editor In Chief

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We are putting the final touches on issue 02 for January. It's a double issue with Mr Collipark and David Banner along with Havoc and 9th Wonder. We highlight some of the great products we came across at the 123rd AES and have a ton of sounds and software on the DVD-ROM.

Sorry about the delay on the updates, but this one is going to be a blowout.

All the artwork should begin changing by early next week.

Thanks for your support. As far as I know all new subscriptions begin filling with issue 02.

See you in the lab.

Drew Spence

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Posted 12/14/2007 2:49:18 AM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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Producer’s Edge Magazine Issue 02

Special Double Issue 02 On Sale in January 2008 Contents:

David Banner: We bombard him with Gamma Rays and see what happens.
Mr Collipark: We rush his lab and watch him translate the music in his head.

Near Gear: The Prophet '08 - Zendrum Digital MIDI Controller
Adobe Audition 3.0 - Groove Agent 3 with Helge Vogt - Reaper 2.0 With Developer Justin Frankel and Technical Advisor Aaron Carey - Reason 4.0 with Sound Designer/Producer James Bernard

Griffin Avid's Corner
Drum Variations with Adobe Audition 3.0
The Sony PCM-D50 Linear PCM Field Recorder

Part II of Redsecta Mastering
AES Special: Preparing your Mixes for Mastering with Adam Ayan from Gateway Mastering

Vintage Series
The E-Mu SP1200 with Sean Maru
Artist Connection: Producer Easy Moe Bee

iStandard Producer Showcase:
Beast Of The Beats Winner! The Apple Juice Kid

Photo gallery
Audio Engineering Society Floor Reflections - Music Production -Photo Ops - Dirty Awards 2007

Sony Creative with Mike Scheibinger and Richard Thomas

Why your next release will be intellectual property by John Nova Lomax
TUNECORE with Jeff Price
SNOPCAP with Bruce Taylor, the Vice President of marketing
iSound with Dj Burdick
The Independent Digital label IODA
Label Artist NASA from Uncommon Music
Insomniac with IZ-REAL and Kool Keth's Mr Nagatco

The Producer's Edge
9th Wonder - DJ Bedtyme 357 -Don Cannon -HAVOC -KHAO -Young World
DVD-ROM Contents  

 Sounds and Samples

Sony Creative - assorted sounds and loops from their Bass-X, Unstrung, Diamond Cuts, Down Tempo Beats, Flammable, Global Groove, Platinum Theory and more.

Big Fish Audio- Ample samples from the Dread- Roots Reggae, Hip Hop Exotica and Symphonic Manoeuvres.

Sonic Emulations- Full drum kits from their Inspiration Hip Hop + RnB and Derty South packages.

Sony PCM-D50 Field recorded sound design samples from Griffin Avid


IK Multimedia - (MAC & PC) Demo: IK Multimedia: Amplitube, Sonic and Miroslav Refills.

Propellerhead- (PC & MAC) Demo: Propellerhead Reason 4.0 (includes getting started video and additional Redrum kits by Griffin Avid)

Cuckos- (PC) Demo: Cuckos Reaper 2.0 Powerful and yet ultra-affordable sequencer. Includes tutorial videos and additional FX Plug-ins.

XLUTOP- (PC) Demo: XLUTOP Chainer: VST host


In Studio Series- Cover stories: DAVID BANNER and MR. COLLIPARK. We take you inside the lab for Q&A and light production. Hosted by Pedro aka Big P.

Vintage Series - E-MU SP 1200 introduction with Dor from

iStandard Beast of the Beats- We showcase the top producers! Apple Juice Kid -GI Joe - P.Riot.
The highly anticipated "BEAST of the BEATS" event will go down in history as a "gut check" for anyone trying to break into the world of production.

Korg -The New Korg M3 and powered by Sam Ash music stores -Richard Formidoni hosts in store demo and clinic

IK Multimedia- IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix, Philharmonic. Sonik Synth and Sample Tank 2. Special Software Spotlight: Drew Spence and IK Multimedia Sample Moog

REMIX Hotel -Yamaha Motif XS, MM6, Vestax VCI-100, Steinberg Sequel, Roland MV 8800, Focusrite Liquid Mix, Denon Serato

Roland USA powered by Guitar Center and Sam Ash music stores -Fantom X, MV8800, SH201, Sonic Cell hosted by Warren 'Hanna' Harris and Mike Acosta

Bonus Material

HAVOC The Kush sampler
Redsecta Mastering Part I PDF
Saga Legin talks the SP 1200 (includes sound clips...stolen from his studio)

And More!

Also the homepage is a link for the Issue 02 Electronic version, which has 30 pages of content from Issue 02.
The basics covered here:

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