Some Tips on Combat in Guild Wars 2

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Posted 6/29/2014 12:19:16 AM

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Hey, I love this game.

One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of Guild Wars 2 is combat.

This e-mail will get you started on the fundamentals of combat and point you toward further resources where you can learn more about the art of war in Guild Wars 2.

Attacking Your Foe

Select your enemy by clicking on them or by pressing the Tab key to target the nearest foe. The name and health status of your enemy will appear at the top of the screen, and your targeted foe will be outlined in red. Below your enemy's health bar you may see text that describes any special attacks you may want to watch out for, such as "Breathes Fire" or "Dazes."

Stay Healthy!

The red circle in the bottom center of your screen monitors your current health level. It will replenish quickly out of combat, but in the heat of battle you'll want to use your healing skill, which is number 6 on your skill bar. If your health orb completely empties, you're down but not dead.

Artful Dodging

Combat in Guild Wars 2 is dynamic and fast-you have the ability to get out of the way of attacks by dodging. The easiest way to dodge is to double-click on one of the W,A,S, and D keys or press the V key. The endurance bar above your health orb shows your current capacity to dodge; anything above halfway means you can jump out of the way.

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