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Posted 8/13/2007 1:32:07 PM
Master Of The Universe

Master Of The Universe

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I think we more than accomplished our goal to provide a creative blueprint for music production, but the idea here is to find out what we can do to improve beyond the obvious. We learned a lot from just making the first issue and have solid ideas on improving the graphic and text. The first concept was to have a magazine with a web interface so we laid out the magazine to not look like a magazine, but more like an online journal. Here are a couple of things we’re addressing going forward.



Bagging the magazine: We are now going to have the DVD-ROM sealed inside the magazine and not loose in plastic wrapping. The idea wasn’t to keep you from reading the magazine. I have no problem with skimmers, but to be honest if you’ve actually read the magazine you know it’s too much info to absorb all in one sitting. I know you have to use the magazine as a reference. Some have suggested the two be sold separately, but I don’t know…


Reviews: Although it’s requested, I’m trying to stay away from product reviews for a couple of reasons. With a quarterly schedule it’s impossible to perfectly time our review material around product release dates. We’d either be too early or too late to be effective. Also, I like the idea of showing you products so up close and personal you can make your own informed decisions. Sure, anyone could talk up a unit, but I’d rather have someone on it that knows the product inside and out. Is this working for you?


The Producers: Tough one here. I feel it’s the responsibility of any worthy media outlet to bring you news on what’s happening in the industry. I mean records in rotation and having an affect on music enthusiasts. Getting at them early is another key and there should be room for up and coming cats as well. You can still catch knowledge from cats that are not fully established in the production game. Having said that, we have to strike a balance as well; you can’t have everyone that ever sold a track in the magazine. You need to have something to say or give to our readership.


Cover Price: The cost is split between the DVD-ROM and the magazine. Hitting the stands four times a year forces us to jam-pack every issue. Lucky you! Every page of advertising is a page lost to actual content, but there is no way to get unprecedented access to software and hardware without supporting the products with advertising. Don’t get it twisted: advertising dollars will keep the lights on, but we’d rather work by candlelight than compromise our content.


Wow, that was reaching. Sounded good though. So, let us know what features you liked, what articles you found useful, and what else you think we can do to improve. Finally, tell us where you purchased the magazine and how it was displayed and where you heard about us first. Thanks in advance.


Drew Spence


To submit an actual message meant to be printed in the magazine:

For tech related issues concerning the DVD-ROM:

For business related ideas and concerns:

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Posted 9/10/2007 3:21:34 PM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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I'm adding this to the support page also, but a reader had a problem accessing the DVD-ROM videos (Windows Media Format) on his MAC using the newest version of Quicktime. So we found a solution.

This is why feedback is so critical.

Important information for Windows Media Player for Mac users

Windows Media Player for Mac and Flip4Mac

Flip4MacMicrosoft will continue to offer Windows Media Player 9 as a free download for Macintosh users, but has no plans to provide future updates or product support for Windows Media Player for Mac.

As an alternative, Microsoft has teamed up with Telestream to make its popular Flip4Mac program available to Macintosh users. Flip4Mac provides Windows Media video and audio playback in the QuickTime Player for Mac OS X.

Download Flip4Mac

Learn more about Flip4Mac features and download your free copy here.

Note: Flip4Mac does not support content that is protected with Windows Media digital rights management (DRM).

You can find Flip4Mac support and community forums here.

About Windows Media Player for Mac

Windows Media PlayerWith Windows Media Player for Mac, you can use Windows Media Technologies, including the following:

  • Windows Media content playback
  • Plug-in support for Internet Explorer (Windows Media Player 9 only)
  • Netscape® and Safari™ browsers
  • High-quality audio and video
  • Mac Classic skins

Download Now!
Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X
Windows Media Player 7.1 for for Mac OS 8.1-9x

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Posted 9/10/2007 3:22:49 PM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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And I found this XO says Blurbie.

I recently made the switch from PC to Mac and everything is great, but one thing I am missing is WMV video. Is there a way to play WMV video on an Apple Mac?

It is possible to play Windows Media Video files (also known as wmv files) on a Mac. OS X does not come with any software that can play wmv files, but there is software you can download to get the job done. Three of the most common choices for playing wmv videos on a Mac are: Windows Media Player for Mac, Flip4Mac, and VLC.

Windows Media Player for Mac

Windows Media Player is available for Apple Macintosh computers. Microsoft no longer maintains or supports their WMP for Mac software, but they still provide it for you to download. You can download the software at Microsoft’s website.

Windows Media Player 9 for Mac

When you go to the Windows Media Player 9 for Mac download page, you’ll be given a choice between a .bin file and a .hqx file. If you have an older Mac, you should download the .hqx file. If you don’t, then it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you get the English version.


Since Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows Media Player for Mac, they have made the Flip4Mac program available in its wake. Flip4Mac is a program offered by Microsoft and Telestream that gives Quicktime the power to play WMV videos. You can download Flip4Mac from Microsoft’s website.

Flip4Mac Home Page

One caveat of Flip4Mac is that it cannot play WMV video that uses Windows Media digital rights management, so some videos may not be viewable even though you’ve installed Flip4Mac.

VLC media player

VLC is a media player like Quicktime and Windows Media Player. Many view VLC is a good alternative to the these traditional media players because VLC is available for many different operating systems and is an open source software project that is supported by many dedicated programmers across the world.

Until recently, only experimental versions of VLC for Mac OS X could play WMV videos, but no longer. VLC for Mac OS X now supports WMV video. You can download VLC from the VLC media player for Mac OS X download page.

There are three types of downloads on this page: “Universal Binary”, “Intel Package”, and “PowerPC Package”. The Universal Binary should work on any Mac, the Intel Package is meant for newer Intel-powered Macs, and the PowerPC Package is meant for older Macs that use the PowerPC processor. If you are unsure of whether you’ve got an Intel Mac or a PowerPC Mac, use the Universal Binary Package.

Once downloaded, double click on the dmg file, wait for a Finder window to open, and then drag the VLC icon to your “Applications” folder.

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Posted 12/1/2007 11:37:23 AM

Forum Member

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I can't comment on the magazine since I haven't seen it, but the idea looks hott. I think you should show keyboards or drum machines on the cover. I think more producers PRODUCER'S EDGE is the gear would buy it. I know the heatmakers but are they even in dipset?

I'll def/ cop that next issue. I might see you at the Cop Shop. Eddie is my dude.

Peace for GZA- he's my favorite.

I'm going to make a my space page. Have you guys ever heard of Facebook?

Pro Tools || Ableton Live 7 || Absynth 4 || Z3TA || Alesis SR16 || Roland JP-8080 || Juno 106 || Korg MS2000

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Posted 12/19/2007 10:43:37 PM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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^^^ Very funny.
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Posted 2/28/2008 4:40:26 AM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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At any rate, due to popular demand we are moving to the Quicktime format for video. Issue 03 should be all Quicktime. Thanks for the feedback.

Second behind that was a mixed-media format (DVD Video and data Files) but everyone thinks that would be too fiddly and lead to a ton of tech-support calls.

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Posted 5/6/2008 12:32:42 PM
Forum Newbie

Forum NewbieForum NewbieForum NewbieForum NewbieForum NewbieForum NewbieForum NewbieForum Newbie

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I picked the magazine up yesterday and was really impressed. It kind of lies in the territory between Scratch and Future Music. A few suggestions:
1- Editing- As with most new publications theres a period where grammar and spelling are a little loose. I'm sure that will get better as time goes on.
2- Tutorials. Most producers have their own way of working. But many could use that one little tip or function that will help them take their creativity further.
3- Packaging- Bagging the magazine is fine, but it's not eco-friendly or cost-effective. Gluing the CD to the back of the mag would work as well.
4- New Producers spotlight- Keep this to the website. Bottom line, if they aren't on the radar, don't waste the ink.

All in all, you have a great product and I look forward to seeing you progress.
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Posted 5/8/2008 3:32:33 PM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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Yes, issue 2 dropped the bagging and we've got some more changes on the way!

Thanks for your support.

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