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Posted 5/15/2007 1:19:05 PM

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Article re-printed with permission.

Monday, May 14th, 2007
People Skills plus Networking Lead to Great Relationships
As we start out on our career paths, varied as they may be, most of us soon arrive at a similar realization... No matter how great our skills, how out of the box our thinking may be, or how impressive our experience is, the most important tool for career success is the ability to build and maintain successful relationships.

It's true not only in the getting-along-with-your-peers sense but also in the broader contexts of creating a network, working with clients and courting new business. Performers will often spend years building professional relationships... creating a rapport... establishing trust... sharing information and ideas... before any serious results evolve. But that investment of money, time and energy and genuine emotion is, more often than not, worth the effort as it puts your career on a foundation for success.

This reality means that cultivating people skills is so much more important than simply relying on a strong stage presence to carry you through. It is critical for your success. Here are six basic people skills that we can all perfect without too much trouble...

1. Tell a compelling story. Who are you and what do you do? What are you really about? What have you done and where are you going? Be able to tell your own professional story and the story of your project or company (if you have one) in an engaging manner that makes others want to be a part of that story.

2. Be good to everyone. I was running for an elevator once and the person inside clearly saw me but jumped for the "door close" button anyway, calling out "I'm late for an interview" as the doors slammed in my face. He needn't have worried about being late... the interview was with me. You just never know who people are and where they might wind up, so it just makes sense to make friends with all people at all stages of their careers.

3. Ask great questions. The whole process of relationship building is about getting beyond trivial niceties and getting to a place of understanding. Over time, move beyond the surface and get to matters of expectations, challenges, objectives, desired outcomes and a definite plan for cooperative projects with each other.

4. Ask for feedback and advice. Don't be afraid to let your guard down, share information and give yourself the opportunity to benefit from the good people you're surrounding yourself with. Vulnerability is a quality that will be welcomed by those that count.

5. Maintain contact. Don't be the person that turns up only when you need something.

6. Know when to call it a day. Not every relationship is destined to lead to great things, although most are worth cultivating to some degree over time. But if you're not clicking, if any rapport is overshadowed by stress and discontent, if the balance of give-and-take is just too far out of whack... let it go and move on.

Posted By Les Vogt @ 12:00 AM
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