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Posted 4/17/2007 5:50:08 AM

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Any producer looking to get heard, be sure to check out!  It is the future of online production shopping, where you can tailor tracks towards SPECIFIC artists!!!  When an A&R, manager, artist, attorney, etc. uses our revolutionary search mechanism to look for beats (e.g. for 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Ludacris, etc.), if you make beats for those artists in your profile,  your page pops up in the search!!!

Also check out exclusive interviews this month with the likes of ZACH KATZ, RSONIST of The HeatMakerz, and KEN LEWIS!!!

What do you stand for?  Log on now and find out!

Benefits to Exclusive Members:
  • Be a part of a producer-based community where you will be showcased specifically for your production talents
  • Every member will have their own unique page and URL displaying their credits, music and direct contact info- all can be updated at anytime and forwarded to various industry connects.
  • Members can customize their uploaded track selection to identify artists within the industry they feel they can cater to. Using our revolutionary search mechanism, A&R's, Artists, Managers, etc. can then "Dig into the iStandard Crates" for specific records for specific artist projects.
  • Exclusive Industry opportunities such as monthly A&R Newsletter, outlining specific production needs and how to get your material directly to the source.
  • Labels who have already committed and cosigned the iStandard site are Def Jam, Universal, JIVE, Sony BMG, J Records, Bad Boy, Warner Family (Atlantic and Asylum), Interscope family (Shady, Aftermath and G-Unit) and many more!
Only $50 per year!
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Posted 8/29/2008 6:36:22 AM

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Before I forget, PE mag has a page!

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Posted 6/9/2009 12:28:29 PM

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Heavy Cat Status

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Diddy Boppin' placed via!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                6/9/09
"Diddy Boppin" by Diddy feat. Yung Joc & Xplicit placed via
Hey Drew,

Xplicit - co-producer of "Diddy Boppin"First off, we would like to thank you for continuing to read our newsletters and believing in the iStandard Movement.  From our world famous iStandard Producer Showcases in just about every major US city to, THE online production shopping experience, countless collaborations have been conceived across the board through the avenues that we encompass.  Bottom line is we do what we do for the up-and-coming producer with no hidden agenda.
Click Here to Purchase Diddy Boppin' on iTunes
With that being said, would like to congratulate its first member to gain a major placement DIRECTLY through our site! "Diddy Boppin", by one of music's biggest stars DIDDY himself, was co-produced & written by member Xplicit!  (Click the cover of the single to download from iTunes)


Diddy & Yung JocAlex "Lex" Borrero of The DBHH Firm & management of Xplicit saw a Placement Opp for Diddy on our home page and contacted another producer he was working with named Isaac Opus to create something to submit. They immediately got in the studio and started working on some records for Diddy, a few of which they decided to submit. As part of our process at, our team follows up with the contact person for each and every Placement Opp to ensure they are listening to the submissions. Upon doing so, longtime iStandard supporter and A&R at Bad Boy Records Senator Skid hit us back and said he heard a record submitted from a producer/writer named Xplicit and said he wanted to meet with him asap.

As a personal obligation to our members we try to make sure every connection is being made, so we contacted Xplicit and his mgmt and later that week they flew from Miami to NYC to meet with Skid at Daddy's House recording studios.  And the REST is history!

Click HERE or the image below to check out the video breakdown of how this all happened:

Xplicit / Skid video testimonial

The 'D
iddy Boppin' record still contains Xplicit's original vocals on the hook.   'Diddy Boppin' debuted on MTV's 'Making of the Band' Season 4 and was the topic of very excited E- discussions throughout the internet via Diddy's Twittering and P Twitty TV episodes.

Check out writer and co producer Xplicit at

Leave him some comments and show him some love!

We at are very excited to be a conduit for the up and coming producers and writers to the music industry opportunities they all work so hard to get their material to. Our REAL relationships and the respect our brand receives within the production world allows us to provide these situations for our members on a daily basis, this is something we pride ourselves in and commend our entire staff (Don Di Napoli, J Hatch, Ray "Rhythm J" Arrucci, Frankie P, STUNNALOADZ, Medik, Grant Michaels, Ciz, and more) for their hard work and dedication to the iStandard Movement!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have 2 special offers for everyone on our mailing list: Placement Opps
- If you are not yet a member of, we are offering a FREE 2-week Trial Membership.  This will give you full access to create your own iStandard page, tag each track on your page by genre and artist you feel it could work for so it's searchable via our revolutionary system, ability to submit to our Placement Opps (right now feat. Usher, Drake, The Game, Lupe Fiasco, Soulja Boy, Yung Joc, The Paradiso Girls, Estelle, and more).  See ALL of our Placement Opps HERE

  For all the details of this membership

Once your 2 week membership runs out, you will then have the option to subscribe for only $99 per year.

(FYI, is NOT ONLY just for producers, but for those who need production, are looking to rep producers.  So labels, film/TV music supervisors, artists, managers, and attorneys - to learn how to search tracks and sign up for a FREE non-produ
cer membership, CLICK HERE.)

Bluc Mic
- For the month of June, Blue Microphones is giving all iStandard email list members a 15% discount for on all items in their online store!  Blue Mics designs and produces an extensive line of award-winning microphones and recording tools for audio professionals, musicians and consumers.  Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Southern California, Blue continues a lengthy tradition of innovative, cutting-edge design and astounding performance, with a range of inspiring recording tools for almost any application. From Blue's flagship recording tool, the Bottle, to our stylish Eyeball HD audio/video USB webcam, to their new Mikey iPod Recorder, Blue has just the tool to capture your creativity.   Nothing better to record your next Placement Opp submission with than Blue Mics!

Check out the complete range of Blue products at, select the items you wish to purchase, then enter coupon code iStandard0609 for your 15% discount!

Lenny S., Omar Grant, and Devo Springsteen @ iStandard Producer Showcase in NYC

- Finally, TO SUBMIT FOR AN UPCOMING iStandard Producer Showcase simply upload 2 tracks and the required information at:
Showcased producers have had the opportunity to work or place music with artists such as 50 Cent, The Clipse, Rihanna, Jill Scott, Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, and more!!!  We are now booking for 7/15, 8/19, & 9/16 in NYC, 7/25 in San Fransisco (@ the BAPC), 8/5-8/6 in Philly, 8/11-8/12 in Chicago, 8/19-8/20 in Atlanta, & 9/23-9/24 in Boston)

Don't waste anymore time, get affiliated with iStandard and be a part of something real!

Your Favorite Producer's Favorite Producer Site
Don Di Napoli & J Hatch of iStandard, Inc.

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