Notes from The Desk Decemeber 2009
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Posted 12/17/2009 1:02:31 PM

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 Increasing the resolution of your Resolutions

C'mon, I know you do it. You write a list of things you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year and dump the weight on the 'Next Year's Version of You'. See, that guy will figure it out and make it happen. He'll do what YOU couldn't do this year or the year before, or the year before that and the year before that.

They'll make more music, get more placements and even finish up that long term project that's sitting on the back burner. They'll change your reality and get you further down that road. They'll have a fresh 365 days to motivate, push, grind and out-work your entire life so far. They have the advantage of a fresh look at these old problems and we all know there's some kind of magic that happens on December 31st. It's right at the stroke of twelve midnight. January 1st...POW!

Let's do something different this year. Grab a 2010 calendar. A big one that you can write notes on. Let's actually pick a date to accomplish some of these goals. To avoid adding any undue pressure, we'll pick a date late in the year. How about December 31st? That gives us a full year to work with. Now write out all the steps that are required to make this plan happen. It might be six steps, it might be ten. It might be two big steps and a dozen little ones. Whatever the numbers of steps- span those out with a logical amount of space between them and you should have a decent timeline.

Now let's add a dose of reality and account for setbacks, the reordering of priorities, accidents and generally the fact that Life Happens. We'll take into account other people. Certainly, you didn't think you would accomplish all of these lofty goals by yourself, did you? Oh no. It looks like our timeline has stretched beyond a single year. That's actually okay. It means you have goals and dreams that are about your life and should not be limited to the scope of one year. It may take years. That doesn't mean you can relax now. It simply means this year's you, this moments you- needs to truly focus on the steps involved in accomplishing a goal. It's not about 365 days, it's about Every Day.
See you in the lab.

-Drew Spence, Editor in Chief Producer's Edge Digital Magazine

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