Notes from the Desk September 2009
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Posted 10/15/2009 3:49:14 AM

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Beats for Beats Sake

I was involved in a debate about the motivation behind making music. One of my producer mates had the opinion that "today's beatmakers" are in it to become the next Supa Produca and have no heart behind their work. So in other words, it's all about the fame and fortune and not the art form. Is it wrong to go into a field of human endeavor because you were inspired by another's achievements? Is it wrong to have an idol...someone you aspire to be (like)?

Another producer said they would be making music no matter what and if they never sold a beat, it wouldn't matter. He went on about the line between being fairly compensated for one's work and talent and just plain being greedy. I wanted to say something about making music ONLY for one's self smacks of being selfish and giving it away for free may be selfless, but doesn't necessarily mean the decision to give your music away makes you a purer artist.

Then the third cat turned to me and said "Well, your whole deal is based on big-time producers so I can see where you're coming from." I thought this dude don't even know me or understand Producer's Edge. I asked all of them When was the last time you made a beat for a rapper? It's fine to make beats for your music profile page or to get feedback from your favorite forum, to beat battle or to just pass the time - really, it is. It will always be nice to express yourself through music, but perhaps the nobler motivation is to provide the music another artist can express themselves over. That's about as selfless as it gets. What do you think? Let me know on the
Producer's Edge forum. Stay safe and productive.

-Drew Spence, Editor in Chief Producer's Edge Digital Magazine
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