Quiz :Are You A Biter Or A Writer
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Posted 2/8/2007 12:23:51 AM
Master Of The Universe

Master Of The Universe

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Here's the link for the Biter or a Writer Quiz.

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Posted 2/8/2007 6:14:43 PM

Heavy Cat Status

Heavy Cat Status

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Hey, after you take the quiz- don't forget to post your results on here.

You can just copy and paste the results after you log on.

I got 2 other quizzes in the hopper....so lemmie know.

Oh...and don't front on your results!

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Posted 2/8/2007 6:22:33 PM



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The Writer:Oh yes youve studied the rap game, but youre not looking for a Blueprint- youre taking notes on what not to do. You listen to other rappers verses not to critique but to add on to your list of things I cant say because he already said it. Your game plan is to adopt the marketing techniques of the big dogs while remaining true to your roots.

At least I'm sharper than dude holding the biggie flick and mic. Who is that guy?
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